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100dpi Red R (B&W) 40Br.gif (5256 bytes)e created Adam in His likeness.”

Everyone is seeking the manifestation of God. For example, there are many veiled women who uncover their faces to try the object of their desire, like you try a razor. There are lovers who say to their beloved, “I have not slept and I have not eaten. I have become like this and that without you.” What they mean is, “You are seeking a manifestation of God. I am the manifestation you can vaunt your belovedness upon.” In the same way, all scholars and learned people are seeking to manifest God’s desire, “I was a hidden treasure, and I desired to be known.”

     “He created Adam in His likeness,” meaning in the likeness of God’s laws. Divine law is manifest in all creation, because all things are the shadow of God, and the shadow is like the person. If the five fingers spread out, the shadow also spreads out. If the body bows, the shadow also bows. If it stretches out, the shadow also stretches out. Therefore, all people seek a Beloved, for they all desire to be lovers of God, enemies to His enemies, and friends to His friends. All these are the rules and attributes of God that appear in the shadow.

     To sum up, this shadow world is unaware of who we really are, yet we are aware. But in comparison to God’s knowledge, this awareness of ours is unawareness. Not everything in a person shows in their shadow, only certain things. So not all the attributes of God show in this shadow world, only some of them, for

“You have been given of knowledge nothing

Except a little.”



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