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100dpi Red R (B&W) 40Br.gif (5256 bytes)hose who are living in Hell are happier there than they would be in this world, for in Hell their awareness turns to God, while in this world they forget. Nothing is sweeter than the awareness of God. Therefore, their desire to return to this world is to work and carry out deeds so that they can witness the manifestation of Divine grace, not because this world is a happier place than Hell.

     Hypocrites are consigned to the lowest place in Hell, because they were shown the faith but their unbelief was stronger. They did nothing with the gift they were given. Their punishment is more severe so they can become aware of God. To the unbelievers, faith never came. Their unbelief is not as strong, and so they become aware through less punishment. Between pants with dust upon them, and a carpet with dust, the trousers only need one person to shake them a little to become clean, while it takes four people shaking the rug violently to rid the carpet of its dust.

     The inhabitants of Hell cry:

“Pour upon us water, or of that

God has provided you...”

     God forbids their desire for food or drink, therefore this saying means, “Pour upon us from what you have found, and shines upon you.”

     The Koran is like a bride who does not show her face to you even when you draw aside the veil. The fact that you have examined her, and yet have not attained happiness or mystical unveiling, is a sign that your act of trying to remove her veil has itself repulsed her, so that she appears to you as ugly. She says, “I am no beautiful bride.” The Koran shows itself in whatever form it pleases. But if you do not try drawing aside the veil, and seek only the Koran’s good pleasure, watering its fields, attending it from afar, working upon whatever pleases it best, then it will show you its face without any effort at drawing aside the veil.

     Seek the people of God, for God does not speak to every one, just as the kings of this world do not speak to every weaver. They have appointed viziers and deputies to show the way to the king. God has also chosen certain servants, so that whoever seeks God can find God in them. All the prophets have come for this reason - only they are the Way.



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